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Latest Updates:

  • Shouts has been fixed

  • New minigame /server starwars

  • (in testing)

  • Smite and Bane added to new 3-d weapons

  • Odin Quest now available after defeating Loki, use the port scroll.

  • Bazooka in GTA now no longer hurts the shooter, launching is back!

Coming soon:

  • New helmets




Loki dungeon is done, /port loki.

New Armor durability plugin added ! Now , your armor will lose durability a lot less in the dungeon world !

Dragon shouts had a bug that will need fixing, it will be fixed soon, sorry about that.

Upcoming in the near future:


New Helmets

Improved New Weapons

Fixed Dragon Shouts


Easter Sale – March 31st – April 7th


Coupon Code: Sale

Ranks : 40% off , all other packages 35% off!

Crystal shards are now buyable under the god package !

Easter Quest and Loki Dungeon opening soon!


New : Dragonshouts and KitPvP

New Weapons, New minigames, new website and more
coming soon!

Resource Pack Help:

Server KitPvP

/server kit is now in testing!


There are 24 dragon shouts now in the dungeon world !


For more information check out our webpage:

Dragon Shouts


Sale – March 1st – March 7th


Coupon code : Sale

for ranks.

New Mysterious Chests Loot, drops from monsters in dungeons, This rare blade can be found only in these chests! 1 in 1000 chests opened ;) gl !

treasure sword

New ctf map !

Voting extras has begun! Grats to _callofcreeper_ for voting the most in February! /vote today !

New Boss, New Dragon shouts and more !




New Races for Pwing Dungeon Server!



-Upon joining the server, a GUI pops up, this is where you chose your race. You can either be a Werewolf, a Dragonborn, or an Asmodian. Each one has a passive ability which is in effect ALL THE TIME (Except for Werewolfs, which is strength at night time.) Each race also has an Active Ability, which can be called upon by shifting for 3 seconds. I am now going to go through each race, and explain the passive/active.

How to use your Racial ability:

Hold shift for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds


The name says it all. This Race’s active ability is that it breaths fire in a straight line. The fire damages players, and sets people on fire. The passive ability for Dragonborn is that they have Fire Resistance.


In the werewolf class, players can become a traditional werewolf. They get strength at night time (Passive), and they can do damage in a radius around them while slowing, blinding, and giving nausea to players around them (Active)


In the Asmodian(a race of elfs/half elves and humans) Class, players can summon 3 volleys of arrows (6 Arrows in a circle shape = 1 volley) as their active. For their passive, they get Speed 1 on Grass.

Race Rankup

This part of the race plugin is awesome. After playing for 500 hours, players are able to do /rankup, and their race ranks up! Let’s say they were Asmodian before ranking up, they would become Asmodian+. When an Asmodian ranks up, they get Speed 2 on grass instead of speed 1, and they get more arrows in each volley.

Rankup Time:

500 hours or 20 days ONLINE TIME. Yup it will take a really long time.  Best to afk on pwing !

Picked the wrong Race? Can’t select a race?

You can now change races for $10000 by talking to a race trainer and opening a special chest.  The race trainer for each will be hidden slightly in the world.

If my some off-chance you cannot select a race you can try relogging to reselect.  If this does not work you can contact Tara for a race change.


The Dragonborn race trainer is known to visit the dragon caves.

The Asmodian race trainer lives in Asmodae City. (/port asmo)

The Werewolf race trainer lives amongst the wolves(Lycan Lord)


Important : Do not change your minecraft Username !

Information regarding Minecraft usernames

Yesterday Mojang announced that starting February 4th they will be allowing users to change their usernames.
As we have said in the past we will not be supporting username changes at this point in time and may not for many months into the future.

What will happen if I change my username?

Changing your username will prevent your account from being able to access the server. There will be absolutely nothing we can do to fix this and no way we can make exception for your ‘new’ username. You will still have access to our forums but there is nothing the staff team can do about your access to the server.​

I changed my username what can I do to get back on the server?

To be able to rejoin the server you will need to reclaim your old Minecraft username. This cannot be done until 30 days after you changed your username the first time. Your previous username is only held for 37 days after you changed it which will give you 7 days to reclaim your old name before you risk losing it permanently.

Will you be supporting Minecraft name changes in the future?

At this time we will not be supporting username changes, however if we do allow username changes in the future it will not occur for at least 8-9 months.

You can find information on changing usernames here, however keep in mind that changing your name will remove your access to the server regardless of your rank or donation status.

We cannot make exception for specific user for any reasons and there is nothing we can do to help you reclaim your previous username so you can join the server again. You will just have to wait it out.

New Boss – New Poll – Minecraft Dungeon Pwing

Soldier Gunnar needs your help to defeat the evil wolf Fenrir, who escaped from the prison of Odin. Fenrir is the son of Loki, a viking god. Be prepared Hero this wont be easy !

You can find this new boss after you have slayed the ice queen, Glacia.


New Poll Concerning Towny Wars, Please vote :





Information about latest changes

World border :

We recently added a world border to allow towny wars and the server to run more smoothly.  If you exit this border you will die.  THEREFORE, you should empty your inventory before attempting to use your OLD /homes .

Thanks for understanding.

30-40% New World Sale :

Use coupon code : Sale for rank sales.  (Use after selecting the rank in the Redeem Coupon : _____ Box)

Sale ends Feb 1st.

Towny Wars Rules FRIDAY:

1. No griefing in gamemode , no attacking/defending in gamemode- This includes standing in the enemy towns/nations in gamemode – This includes defending in gamemode to place blocks like obsidian. (LEGEND AND UP RANKS)

2. Staff will be allowed to participate by attacking / defending .  They will be unable to grief, with the exception to break blocks to get into enemy home block.

If any of this is confusing – please contact a staff member before participating in war.  You will be jailed 1-3 day if you do not follow the rules.  Players who are not participating in the war should not be in gamemode placing blocks in any of these towns. Towny war will last until 1 nation is left standing or until Tara closes it down.  Tara may close it down if : Not enough staff are online to watch / too long, or other reasons at her own discresion.

New Gamble Voting Slot :

Each day Tara adds new things to the gambling slot machine, so why not vote more ! /vote.

/pvc votes

/cv votes

300 votes = $10 coupon

220 votes = Mage rank

You cannot lose with these amazing rewards !!









Server Maintenance

Server is down due to a slow conversion UUID process .  This is needed to be done for LWC plugin.  It is taking all of the CPU power (extensive) So i shut down the connections for now.  Please be patient.