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Information about latest changes

World border :

We recently added a world border to allow towny wars and the server to run more smoothly.  If you exit this border you will die.  THEREFORE, you should empty your inventory before attempting to use your OLD /homes .

Thanks for understanding.

30-40% New World Sale :

Use coupon code : Sale for rank sales.  (Use after selecting the rank in the Redeem Coupon : _____ Box)

Sale ends Feb 1st.

Towny Wars Rules FRIDAY:

1. No griefing in gamemode , no attacking/defending in gamemode- This includes standing in the enemy towns/nations in gamemode – This includes defending in gamemode to place blocks like obsidian. (LEGEND AND UP RANKS)

2. Staff will be allowed to participate by attacking / defending .  They will be unable to grief, with the exception to break blocks to get into enemy home block.

If any of this is confusing – please contact a staff member before participating in war.  You will be jailed 1-3 day if you do not follow the rules.  Players who are not participating in the war should not be in gamemode placing blocks in any of these towns. Towny war will last until 1 nation is left standing or until Tara closes it down.  Tara may close it down if : Not enough staff are online to watch / too long, or other reasons at her own discresion.

New Gamble Voting Slot :

Each day Tara adds new things to the gambling slot machine, so why not vote more ! /vote.

/pvc votes

/cv votes

300 votes = $10 coupon

220 votes = Mage rank

You cannot lose with these amazing rewards !!









Server Maintenance

Server is down due to a slow conversion UUID process .  This is needed to be done for LWC plugin.  It is taking all of the CPU power (extensive) So i shut down the connections for now.  Please be patient.


Towny World Reset

The world has been reset.  Some things still need to be added to the worlds.

(admin shops/ sign fixups etc)

Thank you all for your patience and understanding why this helps the server .


Poll: World reset or No ?

Hey Pwing players! Recently there has been a very hot topic in the staff forums. Much of the staff want the Towny world to be reset. Now before you freak out, here are the FAQS:

How would this help me?

If you are a new player, it would give you a chance to be on the same level as everyone else.

Why does the staff want to reset it?

Resetting the towny world allows us to fix many problems that are leading to players quitting or not joining at all.

Will I keep my town? Town balance? Buildings?


Would I keep my rank? Enderchest Items? Inventory ?

Yes to all questions, however, inventory will only be saved if you log in within 3 days after the reset.

Being a player who has a lot of stuff, why would I want to reset?

First off, the reset allows you to have a new beginning, giving you a lot of stuff to do, in comparison to being bored. Second, it would even out the playing field, so the whole server isn’t loaded with items and such.

Where do I vote for this?


When are the polls over?

January 23th, 2015.

If there is a reset, when will it happen ? 

Most likely sometime next week. Between Jan 24-28th.

Newcomers Dungeon Guide – Thanks NewNoobTube22

A beginners video tutorial for Pwing on how to play dungeons !





Login Problem – Data Corruption

Player Data Corruption :

If you cannot log in – Post here so I can fix your account :

Merry Christmas Pwing ! ~ Minecraft Dungeon Server ~

‘Tis the season to be Jolly , and we are having a sale!

30-40% Off – Our biggest sale yet !


For Rank donations, use the coupon code : Sale

Also the Christmas Quest is open !!! /port xmas

Come get free gifts under the tree ! Also, there is a small chance a bunny egg is waiting in a present for you!




Pwing Dungeon Server – Back


1.8 is here !

Server should be back, if you have issues please contact a mod in game.

If you lost homes make new ones .  If no staff are online ,

contact tara81 via mail,, /mail send tara81 Help – insert problem here – .

ALL LEGENDS +Cronos is working on updating the plugin to not allow stealing out of game mode .  Be patient, we should have it back in 1-3 days !


Due to unforeseen  circumstances, the server will be down all night until monday sometime.  The server will be whitelisted during this time for the updates. We apologize for this, it was an unexpected conversion process , that we need to do to attempt to use version 1.8.

Hopefully when the server is back we can all enjoy the new rabbits, etc.

ALL LEGENDS + with the ability to use creative mode should NOT attempt to use any monster eggs.  Doing so may result in a ban.  Including new rabbit eggs.



Happy Thanksgiving America ! Weekend Sale and Turkey Special!


Happy Thanksgiving America ! This weekend we will be having a sale, use the coupon code: Sale for rank sales.

Also, we have special turkeys spawning around Asmodae and Bandit Camp, kill them for awesome rewards !




Pwing – Dungeon Minecraft Server

Voting is now working =)

Last day of spooktown is today ! Get your goodies at /port halloween !

Hope you all had a great weekend and a great halloween !

Note: Ghastper was changed to a magma cube due to a glitch with fireballs being too powerful !