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Client Crash Problem Solved

There has been a recent exploit with a hacked client causing players to client crash in the area of the exploited sign (too much data).

I have attempted an emergency update and now the server is on 1.8.8. (Latest which fixes this exploit)


-Some plugins broke for this update : ArmorHud (Armor display)/ Animated Tabs (Tab animations)

-If you notice anything else broken, please post in our bugs section and I will attempt to fix.

Thanks for your patience guys, It is very sad that exploiters always find a way to screw things up.


If you had any trouble logging in before , try now it should be fixed !



PVP will be on in ALL TOWNS soon!


Since it didn’t work as expected we decided to allow towns to have non-pvp plots.




Good luck to all =)) Hope you guys will enjoy this !


3 Year Anniversary – Pwing , Minecraft Dungeon Server

We will be having a 60% off sale for 2 weeks !

Coupon Code: Sale

Happy Anniversary Pwing !


Towny Wars Changed to Sundays now

Due to the fact that I am not around much on saturdays, I have changed towny wars to Sunday!

5:30 pm EST – 7:30 pm EST

It will be 1-2 hours every sunday now.

Also – Decided to give all banned players *with the exception with 2 people who are perm banned* a second chance. Please don’t blow it !


Pwing Minecraft Dungeon Server Sales


Happy Canada Day and upcoming Independence Day!

Our biggest sale yet : 40% off

If you are donating for a new rank , please use our coupon code : Sale

During the checkout place your code in the Redeem Coupon Box.




New Addition : Rare Gems !

Towny Glitch was fixed today – June 27th

Rare gems are now added to pwing!

How to obtain:

  • Kill bosses in the new quest line “god of war” for a chance at a rare mysterious box containing a rare gem or a rare wookie helmet.
  • Donate for one random gem from the website donations page.



How to use:

Just place your weapon or armor you wish to socket in an anvil in the first slot.

Then add the gem in the second slot. You may only socket an item once.

There are no refunds after a gem is socketed. You cannot get your gem back after

it has been socketed.


New Dungeon


Is coming to Minecraft !

Sneak Peak Video:

/port godofwar

So far only 3 bosses are complete, more is coming soon!




Latest Updates:

  • Shouts has been fixed

  • New minigame /server starwars

  • (in testing)

  • Smite and Bane added to new 3-d weapons

  • Odin Quest now available after defeating Loki, use the port scroll.

  • Bazooka in GTA now no longer hurts the shooter, launching is back!

  • New Helmets! If your helmet glitched into a red hood, just message tara in game for an exchange!

Coming soon:

  • New Dungeon World , based on the God Of War game for PS2/3






Loki dungeon is done, /port loki.

New Armor durability plugin added ! Now , your armor will lose durability a lot less in the dungeon world !

Dragon shouts had a bug that will need fixing, it will be fixed soon, sorry about that.

Upcoming in the near future:


New Helmets

Improved New Weapons

Fixed Dragon Shouts


Easter Sale – March 31st – April 7th


Coupon Code: Sale

Ranks : 40% off , all other packages 35% off!

Crystal shards are now buyable under the god package !

Easter Quest and Loki Dungeon opening soon!