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1.9.4 In testing – Pwing Minecraft Dungeon Server

1.9.4 in testing!

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Pwing New Donation Item – Mystery Boxes

New Donation Item: Mystery Boxes !

Mystery Boxes contain various cool cosmetic features, angel set and holiday items/wands !

Dragon Shouts Added:

wordSoul Tear(Rii Vaaz Zol): Damages enemies.


  1. Magus City Sewers (Merlin Saga)
  2. Underworld, the opposite path. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. An old graveyard (Viking Journey)

wordAura Whisper(Laas Ya Nir): Shows living players nearby.


  1. An offcourse path in slimeballs dungeon. (Merlin Saga)
  2. Path to jagged rocks. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. Bleak Valley – read the signs! (Viking Journey)

wordClear Skies(Lok Vah Koor): Removes storms, rainy weather.


  1. Behind the cobwebs, evil spiders protect. (Asmodae Adventure)
  2. Forsaken Valley. The path towards haventown. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. A strange boat on the way to Vine Valley. (Viking Journey)

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