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Sale and new items


SALE: 40% Off Ranks

             35-40% Off Items

             60% Off Shards

BONUS: Free Turkey Wand with a rank bought!

Thanksgiving day sale will continue til Dec.1st

Spell Turkey Breath:


Thanksgiving Event Open:

  • /port turkey
  • Slay turkeys to collect turkey slices for turkey man to get a random prize!
  • Low chance of rare Plucked Turkey Wand !

Recent new additions:

  • Legendary staff at weapons hall.
  • Over 10 new spell wands and artifacts (available from boss drops) Or just click here !
  • Halos added to boss drops and a permanent halo on each Shard Staff.
  • Shard Staff spells have a makeover.
  • Added 6 new set bonuses (Earth Set, Ascalon Set, Werewolf Set, Withered Soul Set, Draugr Set, Gatekeeper Set)
  • (Click here for more info on set bonus’s)


Now available in the weapons hall, costing 40 shards.

Includes the powerful Lavaburst spell:


New Wands added:

epicstaffSpringrain Staff:

  • Flood spell: Damages enemies inside the water for a period of time.

DruidhealAsmodaes Embrace:

  • Clarity: High mana regen spell.
  • Kindlespirit: Chain spell that sucks spirts out of your enemy.

epicstaffBiting Wind Cane:

  • Hurricane: Summons a water typhoon to damage your opponents that stand inside.

epicstaffSoulkeeper of the Void:

  • Soulkeeper: creates a purple shadow to target your opponents.

epicstaffValhalla’s Majestic Geyser Staff:

  • Geyser: Pushes enemies in the air with hot lava.

MerlinswizardArtifact of Reflect:

  • Reflect: Reflects spells back to the caster. 3 second cooldown. 2 uses. PvP Only.

And some other corresponding artifacts… Read about all our spells in the spells section in our gameguide :)

Or just click here !










November Sale for 2 weeks!

November Sale – 25% Off Ranks

Ends on the 23rd !

Coupon Code: Sale


News: Today I buffed some bosses in mushroom valley’s loots.  I also buffed Crusader and King Set from the Merlin saga.
I then fixed all voting and pvp set rewards for the future (Some of them were not giving HP or the correct Set Bonus Name)
If your +HP or Set bonus does not work from them, it is because it is old, and one of our staff made a cruticial mistake. Also fixed an issue with /hat not working.
 ** If your set name has more then one color, it will not work.  You will need to obtain a new version of it from the same boss..

Set Bonuses Additions:

It is said there is great power in obtaining a full set of magical items!



Merlin Saga Sets:

Kings Set: +2 Speed
Wolf Set: +1 Leap
Divine Set: +1 Leap
Crusaders Set: +1 Speed

Asmodae Sets:

Bandit Set: +3 Leap
Troll Set: +1 Speed
Destruction Set: +1 Strength
Nightmare Set: +2 Night Vision
Venom Set: +2 Leap
Dragon Set: +1 Strength

Donation Sets:

Lord Set: +1 Absorption
Saint Set: +1 Leap
Overlord Set: +1 Leap
Warlord Set: +1 Speed

Donator Legend Rank Dungeon+:

Dwellers Set: +1 Absorption

Voting Sets:

Voter Elite Set: +1 Night Vision
Hellish Set: +2 Invisibility
Fallen Knight Set: +1 Strength
Voters Lil Monster Set: +3 Leap
Irish Set: +1 Speed
Sun Forged Set: +1 Strength
Oblivion Set: +1 Absorption

PvP Sets: (pvp loot chest)

Warrior Set: +1 Speed
Knight Set: +1 Strength
Emperor Set: +1 Strength


Special Holiday Sets:

Halloween Spooktown Sets: (Only during halloween!)

Halloween Set: +1 Night Vision
2015 Halloween Cheer Set: +1 Leap
Trolled Set: +1 Nausea
Ghost Set Bonus: Invisbility
Herobrine Set: +1 Strength


The host has fixed the internet issues ! Server is up and running =)


Oct 2:

The email response I recieved from server hosting:



We are currently experiencing an issue with a part of our network. Our team is currently working hard on this issue in order to fix it as quick as we can. This situation will be back to normal shortly.

I apologize for this inconvenience, we are working as fast as we can to put your server back to normal.
Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

Best regards,

Jesse W.
VIP Support

Halloween SALE Open ! New Spooky Spell !

40% off all ranks til the the 1st of November!

Free halloween spooky spell with a rankup during halloween ONLY!

Coupon Code: Sale


20% off other goodies.

Halloween Spell :


We also added the spell wand as an extremely rare drop in the Halloween Event, Good Luck!

We will be having another costume contest on Oct. 24th, be there for rewards!

Winners of Oct.17th Costume Skin Contest:

1. 2Fast4Them

2. Glistam

3. UltimoTofu




Halloween Area being tested..

Halloween Area is currently being tested for 1-2 days.

It will be open officially in about a week, so get your Halloween skins designed soon for our contests!


Battlepets should also be coming in 1-2 weeks.

Set bonuses are being added !

So far:

Ghost Set Bonus: Invisbility
Bandit Set: +3 Leap
Lord Set: +1 Absorption
Halloween Set: +1 Night Vision
2015 Halloween Cheer Set: +1 Leap
Saint Set: +1 Leap
Dragon Set: +1 Strength
Overlord Set: +1 Leap
Warlord Set: +1 Speed
Trolled Set: +1 Nausea
Dwellers Set: +1 Absorption
Herobrine Set: +1 Strength




Pwing’s Dungeon World – Minecraft Adventure


Scratch Cards from vote points !

SCRATCH CARDS! Just hold shift and move your mouse (cursor) to scratch!

(Don’t click your mouse while trying to scratch, after everything is revealed, just move your cursor off the grey area.)

  • Factions added!


  • Item Set Bonuses !

  • Wearing a full set will add a bonus like speed, jump boost and more !


Pwing Towny Issue

Factions is added. Towny broke , I’m sorry.

  • I configured factions to be non raidable.

  • I changed factions world to non pvp.


All towns have been lost. You will need to join a faction now.


Explanation as to why this happened:

I tried to update towny to the latest version, then all the issues happened.

- Town Mayors could no longer control their towns.

I then gave the errors to the towny developer who said to restart as it wasn’t something he could fix.

I then tried to revert back and it failed due to towny being such a fussy plugin.

(towny safe mode forever)

So I had no choice but to restart over.

Sorry guys but there wont be any individual refunds, I cannot refund 1000s of players.

Every saturday for the next 2 weeks there will be a money chest with $5000 for players at /spawn.

So if you lost alot of cash, come online this saturday and next saturday to get some extra cash.


If you dont remember where your outpost was, well do /home. If you lost your /home, you can request staff to lookup player homes that lived next to you, if you give out their player name.




IP: – Minecraft Dungeon Server

Pandora’s Temple is now open for testing!


Client Crash Problem Solved

There has been a recent exploit with a hacked client causing players to client crash in the area of the exploited sign (too much data).

I have attempted an emergency update and now the server is on 1.8.8. (Latest which fixes this exploit)


-Some plugins broke for this update : ArmorHud (Armor display)/ Animated Tabs (Tab animations)

-If you notice anything else broken, please post in our bugs section and I will attempt to fix.

Thanks for your patience guys, It is very sad that exploiters always find a way to screw things up.


If you had any trouble logging in before , try now it should be fixed !



PVP will be on in ALL TOWNS soon!


Since it didn’t work as expected we decided to allow towns to have non-pvp plots.




Good luck to all =)) Hope you guys will enjoy this !


3 Year Anniversary – Pwing , Minecraft Dungeon Server

We will be having a 60% off sale for 2 weeks !

Coupon Code: Sale

Happy Anniversary Pwing !


Server IP:

Become an Overlord


    Click the chest above to support Pwing and earn amazing in game rewards!

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