Pwing Dungeon Server – New Updates // Forges

Hello all,

It’s been a long time since an announcement has been made here and I thought it’d just be nice to start using this website again. As many of you know already, LeGenDaryX has transferred the server ownership over to me due to him owning his own server and not having much time on his hands.

Over the past couple of weeks a lot has changed. Pwing has had a reset and the world has been regenerated. 

Here is a screenshot of the new world. There are all sorts of new custom biomes and structures to explore. Features like creative mode have been reintroduced back into Pwing.


Back onto Forges,

Today we released a new update which allows for the crafting of new armor and weapons through the Pwing Forges. Currently there are two which are accessible at /port asmodianforge and /port underworldforge. Here you can craft armor and items. The main currency used through these forges are Crystal Shards and Experience. Within these forges you are also able to repair items with XP.

Currently there is work going on with a new dungeon to finish off the Merlin Saga // Asmodian Adventure series. Here is a teaser of the enchanted forest at the start of the dungeon.


I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this new dungeon. I plan on bringing new things to Pwing as well as bringing back some old features players used to like in the day. At some point I plan on improving the PvP experience and making it more enjoyable.


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