Pwing – Mojang Has Blacklisted Us

This may sound scary to some, but yes, Pwing has officially been blacklisted by Mojang. With that being said Pwing is currently unjoinable by normal methods of Minecraft Multiplayer. The server is not dead nor is it planning on shutting down because of this.


What does this mean?

The reason for their blacklisting is because Pwing was previously not compliant with the Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA). However we received no notice of this blacklisting nor any request to change anything. So with this being said, you are not able to join Pwing with the traditional ways of playing Minecraft.

Due to this we are required to change up certain packages on the store. Items like Ports and Mystery Boxes have been taken off the store due to them not being compliant with the EULA. Rank benefits will also have to be changed. If you are a current donator, you will not have your items or perks removed. We will be adding new perks and additions to the ranks in the future that better-follow the EULA.


Well, how do I join?

If you want to join Pwing, you MUST use a different Minecraft launcher known as SquidHQ. The link to this launcher is at The latest version you are able to join Pwing in with this launcher is 1.11.2. Any version above this will not work.


How long will Pwing be “blacklisted” for?

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how long it will be until Pwing is unblacklisted. Research suggests it could be anywhere from a week from now until a month. It may be shorter or longer depending on how long they will respond. We will keep you updated on our Discord.


We have complied with their requests mentioned in the EULA and are waiting on a response from them. Hopefully that answers everyone’s questions. If you need any assistance or help, please get help on our Discord at:

Server IP:
Discord : Talk to us !
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