Pwing – New Dungeon and 1.13 Update Progress

It’s been quite some time since a big announcement has been made here and I know many of you guys are anxious for new content, so I think now is the time to let you know what all is to come in the next month.

We’ve been hard at work on creating a new dungeon with many new bosses and lots of exciting new loot. It’s been a long process, but we’re getting really close to having it completed. On top of that, a 1.13 update is right around the corner. I’ve personally updated MagicSpells myself to support Minecraft 1.13 to allow us to update.

Now for the good stuff, we’re planning on having Pwing fully updated to Minecraft 1.13 and the new dungeon released by Saturday, February 9th at 12:00pm EST.

Now for the bad part, we will be closing Pwing on Friday, February 1st to allow for us to fully update to 1.13 and finish up the new dungeon. Minecraft 1.13 brings a lot of big changes not only to the game, but internally. It’s probably one of the largest updates Minecraft has ever had when it comes to the internal side of things. With this being said, there will probably be some noticeable bugs within the first week or two of this update. And for those of you who want to obtain all the new goodies 1.13 has to offer, we will be resetting the mining world.

This is only the first part of what is to come in this big update. As we get closer to the release, more will be announced on the matter. Hope you guys are excited!

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