Pwing – New Dungeon and 1.13 Update

The exciting day has arrived. We’ve been hard at work and can finally say that the new dungeon for Pwing is completed. This dungeon features loads of new loot and a ton of bosses.

But on top of the new dungeon, we’ve fully updated Pwing to 1.13 and squashed as many bugs as we could. With that being said, there will probably still be some bugs here and there, but for the most part, all the big ones have been taken down! Please submit bug reports in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord if you find any.

We’re really excited to release this update and hope to see you on Pwing soon.

Update Changelog:


– New Age of Desolation dungeon released

– Server Updated to 1.13

– Small scoreboard update

– Clarity has been tweaked to be slightly less overpowered

– Introduction of a new Mana Capacity attribute (new sets can be found throughout dungeons)

– Forge menu changes and overhaul, you now need Rubles to craft forge gear along with exp

– Most minigames have been added back

– Item spray effect is fixed (you’re welcome @_Ghost_)

– Dropped items show their name when on the ground

– /port tavern overhaul, you’ll see why soon

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed equipment book bug removing your accessories in the pvp world

– Fixed bug with quests not working with bosses properly

– Fixed slight lag bugs, the server should be a lot less laggy now

– Fixed creative mode bug with items constantly being added/removed from inventory

– Fixed bug where bosses would not drop loot if killed by a bow

Server IP:
Discord : Talk to us !
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