Pwing – Skyblock Opening [OPEN-BETA]

Yes, it’s back and better than before! Skyblock is officially back on Pwing for an open-beta phase with a load of new features and a whole lot of fun new additions ranging from custom bosses to levelable furnaces! Skyblock has lot to offer and if you’re just getting a lil’ burnt out of Pwing, give Skyblock a shot.

Here is a little teaser on upgrading your furnace (left-click):

Aside from all of that, I know lots of you guys probably have a lot of questions. I’ll list the most notable one below, but if you guys have any, please feel free to ask them in the #questions section of our Discord or reply to this thread.


Q: How do I join?

You can simply join the Pwing Skyblock by logging out, and adding a new server with as the primary IP address. You will be able to join it with a simple /server skyblock command shortly.

Q: Will my items and ranks transfer over from Pwing?

Your items will remain exclusive to one server. Skyblock items are Skyblock items, Pwing items are Pwing items. However, your rank will transfer over and you will receive perks on the Skyblock server as well. The perks are not exactly as they are on Pwing, but you will retain your rank/prefix on both servers.

However, Skyblock does have its own store for Skyblock-exclusive perks and features. You can purchase them here:

Q: Can I apply for staff on Skyblock?

Currently applications for staff on Skyblock are not yet open. We’d like you guys to become familiar with it before attempting to apply for staff. But within the coming weeks we will allow applications.

Q: You said there were custom features… what are they?

Currently we have a wiki set up to help everyone become familiar with these new additions and features to Skyblock. It’s still a work in progress and any contributions are appreciated. Here is the link:

Q: Because of Skyblock, does that mean Pwing won’t be updated as often?

Nope, we have a Skyblock team that works on Skyblock full time and a team that works on Pwing. You may notice that some people are staff on one server and not the other, or their rank is entirely different on the other. Personally I only administrate this server while finder17 is the core content creator or the “owner” of this specific server.


Hope you guys are excited for this! Just remember, Skyblock is still in OPEN BETA, so there are expected bugs. If you find any, please report them in the #bug-reports section on the Pwing Discord.

Server IP:
Discord : Talk to us !
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