Pwing – New Updates and the Future of the Server

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since an announcement has been made on this website (and hopefully the last on this website software), but I just want to take some time and address our plans for the future with Pwing and what updates we intend to introduce as well as how we intend to bring up the player count again.

Starting off, it’s obvious the server has not had an active flow of players. It’s had some ups and downs (more downs than ups), and to confirm, we are aware of this decline and have actively been working behind the scenes to wrap up the one update that has been holding us back for some time, the introduction of the race overhaul.


Races is an update that started back in 2018, more as a side project while the new dungeon was being worked on. It started off as a simple plugin that was originally just going to introduce an update to the current races system with a few added twists and features, but as time went on, we realized the potential of this project and the plugin became so much more versatile. On the upside to this, we expanded the idea of the races update and it became a much larger project (and was actually released as a premium plugin, that anyone can purchase), but on the downside, once it became the main priority, it further delayed the development of the server as a whole.

Despite us expecting to release this in January of 2020, it never happened due to other setbacks and other events that occurred that we had no control over. However, the update is now finished, take for a few minor bugs that are being resolved. We expect to have the beta out on Saturday, March 21st, 2020. The server will go down for approximately three hours starting at 12:00pm EST.

Boss Updates

As the races update will inevitably change up quite a bit on the server and allow for players to become even more powerful, over the next few weeks we intend to overhaul most of the endgame bosses (most notably the Delphi ones, Solaris, and Abyss) to better accommodate these changes, and just in general update the bosses, because as we all know, they aren’t erm… the best.

Content Creator Applications

Recently, we introduced a new staff rank to Pwing, the content creator rank. Content creators mostly work mostly behind the scenes and work on creating new items, bosses, new storylines/sidequests, and have experience with working with various aspects of Minecraft servers. If you’re less experienced in building or programming and feel like you could contribute to the server in this area, feel free to take a look at the application for more details and perhaps apply if you think you’re fit for the job.

1.15 Update

Pwing for the past year has been stuck on 1.13 due to the behemoth of 1.14 and the mess of performance problems it brought. 1.15 thankfully is more graceful on performance, however it’s still not at the level of 1.13, but is manageable. On another note, we have found a new host for Pwing, which should be capable of running Pwing much better than our current host does on 1.13. This should also help resolve many lag problems. Shortly after the release of races, we intend to do a public stress-test on this new host to see how well it’ll handle the server. More information will be released then.

New Website

Within the next month or two, we intend to deploy a new site that will soon replace this current website. It will very much feature the same things, but have a much more updated design and be a lot more user friendly. We’ll post all announcements here and integrate it more into Discord as well as Minecraft itself so it has more of a purpose. Further out, we intend to implement some kind of statistics system and player system so player info (like money, race, race level, etc.) can be displayed there. We may also decide to introduce some kind of rewards system.


All in all, this wraps up most of our plans for the future and what all we intend to introduce to the server in the coming months. Though it may not seem like a whole lot, we also intend to revisit some other parts of the server, such as dungeon storylines and spells, and revamp them too. Hope you all are excited!


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