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Just a Recent Recap of Changes

Hello Everyone,

Today i just wanted to post a bit of an update as to the recent updates and changes, that the admin team as well as myself pushed through, as well as post an update on the revamp.


Pwing-Legacy Updates:

– Support for MC version 1.16.4 has been added

-Multiple Mysterious Merchants have been added to the dungeon world

-New Loot has been added to the Dun1 Bosses

-Loot Adjustments to Various Bosses

-New Items added in from Various Sources

Pwing Revamp Progress:
– 200+ Monsters Created since this Project Began

-50+ Quests Created

-40 or so Dungeons

-An incalculable amount of items created

-Proper Difficulty system Implemented for Dungeon instances

This progress puts me between 40%-50% completed for the revamp. I really appreciate all of your support and advice while I work on this revamp.



~~Pwing’s Current Maintainer/Owner~~


Pwing Updates- Dawn of A New Era

Hello all,

Many of y’all know me as the relatively new owner. I would like to let you all know This week marks the week of updates. Right now I’m finishing up the host transfer to eliminate the “unable to send chat message” bug. This host transfer should rectify that.

I also have reset skyblock and made it more stable and much more complete one could say. I will post a full reset log and notes this week but I most certainly would recommend trying it out.

Also Post this maintenance we have a lobby server for y’all to chillax in if afk. 😛

Sincerely your Friendly neighborhood Overlord,


Server IP:

Discord : Talk to us !

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