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Minecraft Dungeon Server

Lunar Faire is open for testing.

You can now exchange tickets for Conch shells. These precious shells can have golden apples, rare items, fun items or just regular items and some dust!


In the upcoming week, we should have a fortune teller, roller coaster rewards, a new boss, title rewards and more!

Stay tuned ! Save your tickets or use them =)


Some rewards recently added to the Conch Shell:






Pwing Dungeon Server – Happy Easter !

Look for easter eggs at /port easter.

Easter Sale: 40% off Ranks for a limited time!



Pwing Dungeon Server – March Updates

Hi everyone, we are still working on the lunar faire, sadly it is not yet completed. We will keep you updated and will post when its open!

The invasion of Leprechauns is coming this weekend for St. Patricks Day!

For now, feel free to watch some videos by our players!

Pwing Trailer submitted by EssentialAdmin


Delphi: A fight against Cerberus  submitted by LordNickle:




Server IP: pwing.net

Discord : Talk to us !

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