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Author Topic: iPenguinzz´s Staff Application TOPIC CLOSED
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Post iPenguinzz´s Staff Application
on: July 30, 2018, 23:42

►►1. What is your in-game name?


►►2. Are you knowledgeable about the unique aspects (Dungeons, spells, shard weapons, etc) of Pwing?

Yes i am knowledgeable about all that

►►3. Are you familiar with all the player ranks and what benefits voting and donating give to players?

Yes i know every rank from voters to donors and each benefit of them

►►4. What is the amount of time you think you can spend on the server doing your moderator/helper duties?

5 Hours or More

►►5. Do you have any experience being a moderator or higher? (If yes, please link any relevant information)

Yes i was a moderator on theserver : Mystical Withers

►►6. Do you have any extra talents such as building?

Yes im decent at building and i enjoy building

►►7. Can you please state the rules of this server?

1. No Boss/Loot stealing unless it is a Treasure Goblin Boss
2. No hacks or exploitation (Duping)
3. No Begging or advertising other servers.
4. No intentional server lag (redstone/farms)
5. No harrassment, spamming, all caps, argueing, swearing.
6. No spell abuse to hurt players in non-pvp areas.
7. No scamming. Scammers will be removed from the market.
8. No /back abuse or taking items out of minigames.
9. No Griefing. Do not claim around other towns (Boxing in)
10.Legend Rank : No selling creative mode items or items spawned in through the Legend rank.
11. No abusing /Legend , /suicide to create lag on the floor.
12. Staff cannot watch over "bets" "pvp tournaments" made by players. We can only watch over trades and can only help with scams with screenshot / video evidence / staff witness.
13. Real life threats will not be tolerated. We will no longer consider "kys" a joke. Never threaten someone to commit suicide.
14. Do not bypass the chat filter. This includes and is not limited to altering the spelling of words to avoid the capture. Rembember, if it is blocked, it is probably for a reason.
15. Do not hop towns. Staff reserve the right to refuse assistance in regaining access to your base or chests if you are engaging in town hopping.
16. Do not artificially modify your pvp score through any kind of farming. This follows a 0 strike policy, your score will be reset and you will not be elegible to receive any prizes within the relavent competitions.
17. Do not abust /tpa. This covers /tpa and /tpahere killing. We will punish if you are caught with evidence.If you do not trust someone, do not /tpa to them unless you can provide enough evidence if you are tpakilled. (Video/2 screenshots etc)
18. Do not account share. Doing so is at your own risk. If you share with a cheater, your account(s) will be held responsible. If someone you share your account with is unfit for staff positions, this may cause you to be denied in the future if you want to apply.
19.Do not allow anyone in your household to cheat. We have no way of knowing who your brother and sisters are, or if you have one. You can be held responsible for household cheaters.
20. Using alternate accounts (alts) to loot crates or access certain areas whilst a cooldown is active is not allowed.
21. Using any sort of macros or scripts of any kind is not allowed.
►►8. Which 3 worlds are shouts, racial abilities, and spells are not allowed to be used to kill other players?

Towny , Dungeon World , Mini Games

►►9. How long have you been a member on the server?

5 Years (Some years more active then others)

►►10. What plugins does the info at /warp help cover?

LWC Commands , Chest Shop , Teleportation Commands , Towny Commands , Economy

►►11. If a player asks for free items or money, what do you do?
Personally if I have the item that someone needs ill give it them unless they are begging i wont give. I will also suggest to vote which gives you money-loot-ranks and also helps the server

►►12. How have you shown support for the server by voting or donating? (What is your current rank?)

Yes i vote very often and i am currently rank "Duke"

►►13. How old are you?
I am 14 years old

►►14. Do you have Discord installed and what is your Discord name? We prefer Discord over Skype.

Yes I do have discord and my name on discord is : Whodatboiii

►►15. Please give your own description of what you think the job of a staff member is.

The job of a staff member in my opinion is to help servers and mostly players make sure they enjoy and have fun playing in the server, helping new players get started give suggestions , tips , and help players on questions they have

►►16. Tell us why we should make you part of the staff team. What are your strengths and personal weaknesses (Include at least one of each)? What can you bring to the table that makes Pwing a better place?

Well I play alot on the server daily and most of the time im on from morning to night , im social , I love helping others and i also treat others how I would like to be treated and thats my best strenght i have. One of my weaknesses is that i cannot pronounce correctly some words because my main language is spanish so thats a reason im not on discord voice chat too much

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Post Re: iPenguinzz´s Staff Application
on: July 30, 2018, 23:47

Pickle Rick?


Good Luck,

I guess....
I don't know anyone anymore.
I don't play pwing anymore.
This is awkward...
But I have nothing to do....
It's 1 A.M for me so...
What else....
Ummm I forgot....
Have fun???
Idk I hope you like your life?
This is getting weird...
I feel weird....
I want something to do,,,,
I want to...
Enjoy your life...
I guess....
There was something else...
If I can remember....
Don't let people like me weird you out...
I guess..
This is completely useless isn't it???
Sorry but I got nothing to do....
I'm getting bored....
I wish I was smart enough to speak more than one language...
I'm dumb....
I dropped out of spanish my second day...
Why am I doing this???
Idk self...
Have fun on pwing...
Something I'll never do...
What's your real name mine is Jeffery..,
I'm odd... Like OddOnesOut
Say OddOnesOut If you know who I'm talking about,,,
Finally good luck??







Posts: 51
Post Re: iPenguinzz´s Staff Application
on: July 31, 2018, 11:16

We're no strangers to love.

Posts: 158
Post Re: iPenguinzz´s Staff Application
on: September 6, 2018, 20:03

Nice application, I apologize for the very late response. I have spoken with you ingame about this but I thought it'd be nice to state some more here. Lately you have informed me of internet issues which has led to you being more inactive than normal. Overall I'd like to see you more active ingame, as you have informed me your internet seems to be fine now so we can make a better decision. I will leave this application open for the time being.

Posts: 158
Post Re: iPenguinzz´s Staff Application
on: September 24, 2018, 20:06

I hate for it to come to this but unfortunately I will have to deny this application. You don't quite meet the requirements for inactivity in order to continue on as a staff member. I understand you may be having internet issues but from the last we spoke you told me that was all fixed. It has been almost 3 weeks since I replied here and I only saw you on twice for a short period of time since then. Feel free to reapply in a month.

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