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Author Topic: xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II TOPIC CLOSED
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Post xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II
on: August 17, 2018, 13:16

►►1. What is your in-game name?


►►2. Are you knowledgeable about the unique aspects (Dungeons, spells, shard weapons, etc) of Pwing?

Yes, I believe I am knowledgeable.

►►3. Are you familiar with all the player ranks and what benefits voting and donating give to players?

Yes, I am.

►►4. What is the amount of time you think you can spend on the server doing your moderator/helper duties?

Though not daily, I can spend around 1 - 3 hours on Pwing.

►►5. Do you have any experience being a moderator or higher? (If yes, please link any relevant information)

Co-Owner on
Mod on Serenity craft

►►6. Do you have any extra talents such as building?

Yes, I am a decent builder;

►►7. Can you please state the rules of this server?

Rule 1 - No boss/loot stealing unless it is a Treasure Goblin Boss
Rule 2 - No exploitations (such as Duping) or Hacking
Rule 3 – No begging or advertising other servers
Rule 4 – No harassment, argueing, swearing, spamming or all caps
Rule 5 – No intentional server lag (redstone farms or /I abuse)
Rule 6 – No spell abuse (injuring players in a no pvp zone)
Rule 7 – No scamming
Rule 8 – No /back abuse or taking minigame items
Rule 9 – Do not grief or box in towns
Rule 10 – Legend ranks not to abuse /I (do not sell items from /legend or /i)
Rule 11 – Staff don’t watch over pvp tournaments. Staff members only overlook trades to catch and bring justice to scammers
Rule 12 – Saying ‘kys’ (kill yourself) is not a joke. Suicide is not something to joke about and if you say this to someone truly think about your actions.
Rule 13 – Do not bypass chat filter
Rule 14 – Do not artificially modify your pvp score
Rule 15 – Do not move from one town to another frequently as staff have the right to refuse helping you
Rule 15 – Do not tpa kill
Rule 16 – Do not account share
Rule 17 – Do not allow family members to cheat
Rule 18 - Using alts to access loot from dungeons with a cool down is strictly not allowed
Rule 19 - Macros and or Scripts are not allowed

(Some rules may be bundled together)

►►8. Which 3 worlds are shouts, racial abilities, and spells are not allowed to be used to kill other players?

Minigames, Dungeons and Build worlds.

►►9. How long have you been a member on the server?

A little over 5 years

►►10. What plugins does the info at /warp help cover?

Teleportation, Towny, LWC and chest shops are covered at /warp help.

►►11. If a player asks for free items or money, what do you do?

Firstly, I would ask them to check /rules and take a look at rule 3. Following this i would tell the player the different ways in which they can earn money. I would tell them to go to /warp help and also say that they can vote and or use chest shops to earn money. (I'd also tell them particular dungeons or bosses to go farm).
If it is an item they are looking for I would tell them once again to do /rules and look at Rule 3. Then I would ask them what the items is they are looking for. After this I would try to help them find the item by telling them where to get it (market, various shops and dungeons)

►►12. How have you shown support for the server by voting or donating? (What is your current rank?)

I have bought the ranks of ‘Saint’ and ‘Overlord’
I have bought the God Package
I currently have 145 votes

►►13. How old are you?


►►14. Do you have Discord installed and what is your Discord name? We prefer Discord over Skype.

xXIRohanIXx #7497

►►15. Please give your own description of what you think the job of a staff member is.

A staff members job is to keep the server's atmosphere clean and enjoyable. A staff member should be ready to do whatever it takes to help players and be stern enough to enforce the rules of Pwing. A staff member should listen to complaints as well as listening to suggestions.

►►16. Tell us why we should make you part of the staff team. What are your strengths and personal weaknesses (Include at least one of each)? What can you bring to the table that makes Pwing a better place?

I believe that my role as a staff member would be mainly to help the players. I also think I have matured a lot and gained many friends due to this server. I have an easy going attitude and can be quite understanding. I believe my main strengths are my will to do something, my helpfulness and my building abilities. I am also quite fun to be around (hopefully).
My weaknesses would be that if I ask someone to do something and they don’t do it within a specific time I get annoyed (I am improving on this). I cannot code and will most likely not be able to play every day.

Thank you for reading my Staff Application.

PS - I have not been on as frequently during recent times due to two things. The first being that my school started 1 week ago. The second (main reason) is that I am about to go to Italy for a music competition and I have been practicing.

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Post Re: xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II
on: August 17, 2018, 23:17

Just out of curiosity, you said that you have been somewhat inactive due to school, while school continues will this still be a problem?

I mean I know you and like so you so I wish you the best of luck!

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Post Re: xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II
on: August 18, 2018, 00:13

It won't be a problem because I will be online while studying. However, I will not be online for 11 days (the 20th of August to the 31st).

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Post Re: xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II
on: August 18, 2018, 18:42

please dont make him staff

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Post Re: xXIRohanIXx Mod Application - II
on: September 6, 2018, 20:40

Thanks for you interest in applying for Pwing, but after discussion we've concluded you haven't consistently put forward the kind of example we want staff to be to our players. We have also noticed you aren't very active on the server. We will keep an eye on you and maybe this will work out in the future. I will lock this thread for the time being and will message you on Discord or ingame in the near future when we have made a final decision.

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