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Author Topic: EssentialAdmin Staff Application TOPIC CLOSED
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Post EssentialAdmin Staff Application
on: August 17, 2018, 23:08

►►1. What is your in-game name?


►►2. Are you knowledgeable about the unique aspects (Dungeons, spells, shard weapons, etc) of Pwing?

Yes, I have completed the majority of the dungeons, and have obtained each of the spells and shard weapons in the game.

►►3. Are you familiar with all the player ranks and what benefits voting and donating give to players?

Yes, I don't see a reason to give any further answer than this.

►►4. What is the amount of time you think you can spend on the server doing your moderator/helper duties?

About an hour to two hours most days, some days could have an excessive amount of homework and my time be limited to about a half an hour-ish.

►►5. Do you have any experience being a moderator or higher? (If yes, please link any relevant information)

Yes, I have been Admin on two other servers, as well as Sr. Mod on this server. I was demoted due to my request to be demoted.

►►6. Do you have any extra talents such as building?

I am a decent builder, unfortunately all my builds reset with the reset. But I also understand the code to the magic-spells plugin as TheComputerGeek2(co-creator of magic-spells plugin) taught me how to use/create/manipulate different spells. I also can do basic code in Java and more proficiently Python. I also just started working with c++, but I am fairly new to it. Red, Bashea and I have been working/thinking of solutions to certain problems that I will leave out of the public forums, but Red knows what they are. Red and I have also been working on more of a side project which could potentially make me a greater asset in the future.

I have also helped with certain aspects of lunar, the tutorial area, and a few more smaller things.

►►7. Can you please state the rules of this server?

- 1. Do not use hacked clients, cheats or external programs.
- 2. No exploiting bugs or duplicating items.
- 3. No begging for items, money, or staff positions.
- 4. No advertising other servers.
- 5. No creating lag by using excessive redstone, Mob farms or using /suicide to drop huge amounts of items.
- 6. Do not sell items from /i or /legend.
- 7. No using spells, shouts or race ablilitys to harm players or their armor in non pvp areas.
- 8. No harassment, all caps, arguing, swearing, spamming or speaking any language other than english in global chat.
- 9. Do not abuse /back to take items out of minigames.
- 10. Do not grief other players, or claim around other peoples homes/bases or factions to stop them expanding.
- 11. Staff cannot watch over bets or pvp challanges, be warned if creating such things as staff will not help. Staff can only help with scams when trading or buying items if you have valid proof.
- 12. Do not scam other players.
- 13. Real life threats such as "Kys" Will not be accepted. These will result in punishment as it is a vile thing to say to someone.
- 14. If you jump between factions staff do not have to help in regaining access to chests or items. So don't do it.
- 15. Do not bypass the chat filter in any way.
- 16. Do not farm players to modify your score in any recorded event, such as pvp, arena, bg etc.
- 17. Do not tpkill players. Teleporting players resulting in death or harm to that player in any way is not accepted.
- 18. No sharing accounts with other people. If the other person does something against the rules with your account you will be punished.
- 19. Don't allow your family or friends staying in the same house as you to cheat. If they do so you will be punished as well, because we cannot tell if you or someone else is cheating.

►►8. Which 3 worlds are shouts, racial abilities, and spells are not allowed to be used to kill other players?

Build World, Dungeons & Minigames

►►9. How long have you been a member on the server?

I have played the server since, 2012.

►►10. What plugins does the info at /warp help cover?

LWC, Chest Shop, Towny, Essentials teleporting

►►11. If a player asks for free items or money, what do you do?

Let them know for future reference that it is against the rules, and send them to /warp help for strategies to make money.

►►12. How have you shown support for the server by voting or donating? (What is your current rank?)

I have at different times bought Legend twice, Overlord once, then Warlord.

►►13. How old are you?


►►14. Do you have Skype installed and what is your Skype name? (If you dont want to put it on the public forum you can just give it to a staff member if you get accepted)

I believe discord is the preferred communication now, and red has my discord and so do most staff members.

►►15. Please give your own description of what you think the job of a staff member is.

I think as a staff member, you are supposed to help and lead the players of pwing. You are supposed to set a good example for the players because they look up to you. You help players who ask for help, you dedicate time to the server because it's what you choose to do. The position is a responsibility that you need to take to heart because it means something to the server. I love the pwing community and would love to be part of the staff that helps. I truly think that if you are not dedicated to holding true to the position you are given, you don't belong. I also believe it is knowing when to put the interests of the server above the individual player interests. It is important though to find the balance in between of when which is more important.

►►16. Tell us why we should make you part of the staff team. What are your strengths and personal weaknesses (Include at least one of each)? What can you bring to the table that makes Pwing a better place?

As I cannot pinpoint a single weakness and Red and I have spoken about this topic in depth before, I will not bore you with the details. Obviously a main one used to be procrastination, but I have been working to fix that, and I am doing much better in that area.

One of my strengths includes being a good listener and a quick learner. This is very important to be able to adapt/know what to do and when. Another strength would be determination, to see a project through to the end.

I've decided it's finally time to buckle down, and get what needs to be done, done.

Thank you for your time,

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Post Re: EssentialAdmin Staff Application
on: September 6, 2018, 21:07

I apologize for the late response on this application, but after discussion, we have concluded it would be best to wait a while before we make a final decision. In the past I am aware you have obtained operator by an exploit when Tara changed her name, but then landed a role on the staff team later on. For the near future we will be keeping an eye on you so we can make a better decision. I will be locking this thread for the time being and let you know ingame or on Discord when a final decision has been made. Do not consider this as a denial, just as an update.

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