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Author Topic: Ban Appeal Aegves TOPIC CLOSED
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Post Ban Appeal Aegves
on: April 21, 2019, 08:05

IGN: Aegves
Who banned you: Finder17
Reason for Ban: "Illegal mods or Macros:type Autoclicker.
How long ago you were banned: I was banned 7:30 this morning, so 7 hours and 24 minutes ago

Appeal information: First of all I want to apologise for using modern day technology to build myself a sort of robot that actually clicks for me.
I made a wheel connected it to a small motor, this motor turns the wheel.

Enough explaining.
This morning at 7:40 [CEST] I recieved video evidence from Finder17, of me using an autoclicker in this video the reasoning for the ban was shown.
I quote: "10y Illegal mods or Macros:type Autoclicker."
I wanted to make this appeal because there was no evidence shown of the method used being a MOD or MACRO. The method I used wasn't one of these and wasn't covered in the rules.

Then I want to cover the rules in more details (in case the owners /staff act unprofessional and involve different rules not covered in the reasoning for the ban)
I couldn't find the rules situated anywhere on the skyblock server nor the forums (I might have missed it), so I went onto the main pwing server and copied the rules as followed:
"[1] No Boss/Loot stealing unless it is a Treasure Goblin Boss.
[2] No hacks or exploitation (Duping).
[3] No begging or advertising other servers.
[4] No intentional server lag (redstone/farms.)
[5] No harrassment, spamming, all caps, being toxic, arguing or swearing.
[6] No spell abuse to hurt players in non-pvp areas.
[7] No Scamming. Scammers will be removed from the market.
[8] No /back abuse or taking items out of minigames.
[9] No Griefing. Do not claim around other towns (boxing in).
[10] Legend Rank: No selling creative mode items or items spawned in through the Legend rank.
[11] No abusing /legend /suicide to create lag on the floor.
[12] Staff cannot watch over "bets" "pvp tournaments" made by players. We can only watch over trades and can only help with scams with screenshot / video evidence / staff witness.
[13] Real life threats will not be tolerated. We will no longer consider "kys" a joke. Never threaten someone to commit suicide.
[14] Do not bypass the chat filter. This includes and is not limited to altering the spelling of words to avoid the capture. Remember, if it is blocked, it is probably for a reason.
[15] Do not hop towns. Staff reserve the right to refuse assistance in regaining access to your base or chests if you are engaging in town hopping.
[16] Do not artificially modify your pvp score through any kind of farming. This follows a 0 strike policy, your score will be reset and you will not be eligible to receive any prizes within the relavent competitions.
[17] Do not abuse /tpa. This covers /tpa and /tpahere killing. We will punish if you are caught with evidence. If you do not trust someone, do not /tpa to them unless you can provide enough evidence if you are tpakilled. (Video/2 screenshots etc)
[18] Do not account share. Doing so is at your own risk. If you share with a cheater, your account(s) will be held responsible. If someone you share your account with is unfit for staff positions, this may cause you to be denied in the future if you want to apply.
[19] Do not allow anyone in your household to cheat. We have no way of knowing who your brothers and sisters are, or if you have one. You can be held responsible for household cheaters.
[20] Using alternate accounts (alts) to loot crates or access certain areas whilst a cooldown is active is not allowed.
[21] Macros or scripts of any kind is not allowed.
[22] Using words like 'gay' or 'retarded' as derogatory terms will not be tolerated."

The rules only cover Macros or scripts. No (usage of) illegal mods are mentioned. So even if it was a mod (Which it is not), the ban would not have been appropiate. The method I used can not be accounted as a Macro or Script. Macro's are keyshortcuts and scripts are (computer) programs scripted to do certain actions. My method did not use any Keyshortcuts or Scripted programs it simply used a turning wheel powered by a motor with pertruding parts touching the mouse button ever so often.

Lastly I want to comment on the lack of communication, and on the unproffesional behaviour (shown in the videorecorded "evidence" of me using a Mod/Macro to autoclick).
I was not informed about this ban the only thing I recieved was a video showing "evidence" of using a autoclicking "Mod/Macro". and a message before hand saying: "before u ask why ur banned you can appeal in 60 days", after that he didn't even bother replying to my msges.
The ban message on minecraft itself also just said: you are banned, or something in that matter not stating the reason.

Also in the video that has been send to me, Finder after banning me rubs it in, by saying "byebye Aegevs". Which I think is Rude and unprofessional behaviour.

P.S English is not my first language so sorry for any spelling errors or gramatical errors.
P.S.S Because english is not my first Language, I interpreted "In 60 days" as in between now and 60 days. Which im still not sure of, if this is what he ment or if he ment to say "after" 60 days.

- Aegves

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Post Re: Ban Appeal Aegves
on: April 21, 2019, 11:16

Essentially the tool you used to press down your mouse every so often mimics that of a macro and staff have no way of knowing if you truly are using a macro or not. Due to this, using a "robot" or any form of clicker that clicks your mouse is considered a macro as it essentially is the same thing; except that you are using a mechanism outside of the computer rather than a program that's ran inside the computer.

It should be given that this is against the rules and it's asked of all players in /rules to use their best judgement. Considering the circumstances you've explained above, it should be very clear that using a system like this is not allowed whatsoever.

With that being said, can I please see a video of this mechanism in use? I'd like to see how it works on a singleplayer world preferably.

For the time being, this ban appeal has been denied.

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