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Author Topic: Zerur ban appeal TOPIC CLOSED
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Post Zerur ban appeal
on: July 18, 2019, 15:56

IGN: Zerur
Who banned you: Redned
Reason for Ban: Making staffs life harder for god knows why (Being rude, excessively toxic,disrespectful, abusing commands to bypass mute, changing wiki (sorry) and being a general nuisance
How long ago you were banned: 2 and a half months
Appeal information: It's me again, Zerur. third time is the charm 😛
As many people know I have been toxic as heck when I was playing on pwing. I know some reasons as to why I was, but I wanted to apologize to you guys for the third time because some people seem to still be mad at me wich is understandable. I really hope we can move on and I wish I can show you that I genuinely mean that. I have been making mistakes on pwing and you guys have always corrected me but I never really listened, now that I look back I am very thankful that you guys have, as example. I always used to make jokes (or comments) that are insensitive and generally rude or racist this is because of how I have grown up.However, I am not saying this justifies my actions though.
I have been toxic and disrespectful because I was jealous because of people we're just better than me and I was incapable of acknowlidging that and I look back right now and think that I was a stupid childish person. I am not like that anymore and I want to show you guys that I can be apart of the community like a normal person instead of the toxic problem causing kid. I yet again want to point out one of the many reasons why I was acting this way. I was unable to accept the fact that some people are just smarter than me, (yes im talking about 99% of you guys.)
And I always resorted to saying racist or rude stuff because i thought it would make it better and obviously it just made it worse and I really messed like every time. This is why I've come here to appeal, because I want to show and prove that I am better than that. However, like everyone I can still improve. I would really appreciate you're help on this one.
I hope I can become a pwinger once again.
Have a good day.

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Post Re: Zerur ban appeal
on: July 18, 2019, 23:24

After careful consideration, I have decided to lift your ban. I appreciate the apology and the efforts you are making to improve yourself. Please note that you will remain permanently muted until you decide to appeal for that punishment and are on very thin ice.

Have a nice day.

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