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Author Topic: My Journey - Nick (122)
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Post My Journey - Nick (122)
on: April 28, 2020, 13:38

Name: xX__Nick__Xx also known as 12282002

Hey guys, I posted something in the discord. I just wanted to explain more and maybe tell some of the stories I have about my journey on pwing. First of all, Yes I was banned. This is due to a stupid choice I can admit that, but lets just enjoy these stories.

October 2012: It was the second month of my fourth grade school year at a new school, when someone told me about this Minecraft server. It sounded really cool and it was different, so I gave it a try. This is where my Journey begins. Now I don't have the best of memory so I may get slight details and names wrong but hell at least I'm trying to remember.

After about two months, I had convinced my brother to join the server, 12132001 at the time, now Hawkeye15432. This will turn out to be a good thing for a little while. The reason this was a good thing was because nine year old me was an asshole. My immature nine year old self called Tara81 a jerk for not letting me get what I wanted so she banned me. Ten minutes later my brother convinced her to unban me. This happened again like a week later. I finally learned to keep my mouth shut, at least for the most part. I joined a town and was neighbors with RainStorm2020 (I believe these are the correct numbers) and ShadowMaster (Sorry I don't remember the numbers after your name) Things were chill for a while. ShadowMaster and I became friends and eventually ShadowMaster became a donor and gave me a set of saint armor, this will be important later.

July 18th 2013: I was stupid, I didn't know what pvp stood for until after I lost all my stuff. I was angry, so after I had gained some better gear, probably like a week later I said "free diamond at warp col" which was the pvp coliseum, for anyone who doesn't know or remember. In fact, there is even a forums post about this. I only got a jail for this but, I think its pretty funny looking back at it. I also believe this is when I started to know the community a bit more, more pvpers like dgithens7

October 13th 2013: I had started moving into a new town in September, not a big deal, just a new town with some bigger names in it, like GodIsZeus (who will be mentioned later) This was the day TheGuyWhoLaughs helped me the most. I don't think I have much history with TheGuyWhoLaughs, but this is the biggest history I remember. My Grandfather died this day (October 13th 2013) I was extremely sad due to him being the first person I know who died. I came on pwing like I always did and I said "My Grandfather just died" TheGuyWhoLaughs immediately did everything he could to cheer me up, which is nice because I was only ten at the time. So for everyone who has been wondering, that's what TheGuyWhoLaughs did for me.

I'm not sure when I started raiding but, towards the beginning of 2014 I got more serious about raiding, raiding everyone I could find and such.

Some time between this and my next section I joined another town, Redbarron28's town, there was many people who I liked in this town there are some names I don't remember, but if I saw them I would remember.

Mid-End of 2014 I don't remember the exact date but I got banned, for what I thought was for good. GodIsZeus saw my saint armor that I treasured oh so much so I would never wear it. He saw it with glow stone dust that is. He told me he can get me some more if I just tped to him. I said ok and did the command /tpa GodisZeus Then it happened. GodisZeus Managed to tp me while he was falling into pvp area, because for some reason /tpaccept or /tpyes was allowed on top of pvp just not in pvp. When we landed in pvp I obviously wasn't ready and GodIsZeus destroyed me with the Overlord axe. I didn't stand a chance. I then being pissed off said "F*** this F***ing server" I just said the real words, then the ban hammer hit me.

After a few months I had convinced my brother to let me use his account. I proceeded to ban evade for the next year and a half, during that time Tara had the first world reset. Right before the reset I had became friends with StumpyStar, and a little while before him Mad_Hatter. After the reset I learned how to get decent stuff quickly, and some how, no rank me on my brothers accound acquired a dub of overlord and three overlord axes along with a few warlord weapons. I had learned the art of bartering.

Mass Unbanning by Tara81: Yes I have successfully ban evaded without being caught to the point of taras mass unbanning. I then took all the stuff I got on my brothers account and made a temporary base. When Mad_Hatter Messaged me and asked me if I would like duke rank for 100k (That was a lot of money at the time) I gladly agreed but told him to buy it for 12282002 and not 12132001 due to 12282002 being my account.

Life goes on I continue raiding and finding other stuff to do. I don't remember exactly when but I believe this was between this and the next story. Towny crashed, a ton of people lost money, I was one of few who lost over a million I lost 1.3 million to be exact, I had always kept my money in tbank for some reason.

December 2016 My cousins join the server, Zebrogirl and RowanDaTerrible I finally had more stuff to do, I made them both a temporary base on an island until they upgraded their bases. In time I put a casino, event islands and a drop party room on that island, basically I would just farm random loot and do a drop party for them lol. Also around this time Mad_Hatter bought me Legend rank, I don't remember our agreement of how much I paid him, but I think it was around 3 - 4 mill.

I don't remember the exact date that tara gave the server to Legendary, but I do remember the day before she gave him full ownership, I had convinced her to make me a pvp axe, PVP Season 15, I some how won that season, D00dle complained a lot, but what ever is the forums post D00dle made about it, I had also replied to this with link to a screenshot of my pvp axe, feel free to check it out.

For the next few months I just raided, almost no one played so I didn't have much else to do. It was not uncommon to see that you were the only one online during these days. Then I got back together with Mindwrights, our friend ship started over again. We kept our friendship strong through the reset until we both just stopped being super active. I barely played. I played Easter 2019 Halloween 2019 maybe a few times in between and a few times during Christmas. Then I played a few times up until this month. For the last two weeks I have been quite active. I did a lot of farming Easter. Today at about 1 a.m I got banned again. I got banned for using a hacked client, I was just experimenting but it was a bad choice. I am aware of that, and I had the ban coming.

I do have a few more storys and some more people I would like to mention but I don't remember where on the time line they would go.
Benny I am sure you are disappointed to see me go, especially in this way, I am sorry, but Thank you for teaching me about collecting and Thank you for being a great friend.

StumpyStar Thanks for helping me after the first reset, helping me start on my feet, sorry for not telling you I was ban evading lol.

Redbarron28 Thank you for being a good friend when I moved into your town, it was fun playing with you long ago.

I know there are more people who I can mention, both good and bad, but I want to stop here, sorry if you are not happy your name wasn't mentioned.

Special Thanks to
tara81 aka QueenTerra for creating the server and making sure it was interesting
Legendaryx I know you didn't do too much with pwing, but you kept it up so the small community could play it.
Redned, Sorry dude lol but it was a good run, Thanks for keeping the server up and making sure it didn't completely die, I am also surprised with how much new content you have added, keep up the good work.

That's about it for my Journey, Thanks for the childhood and memories
~ Nick (2012 - 2020)

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Post Re: My Journey - Nick (122)
on: April 28, 2020, 14:07

Nick, I know we have had our ups and downs, but I am glad you were part of the community.

Saucy, A Mythical Derpy Burrito that loves people

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Post Re: My Journey - Nick (122)
on: April 28, 2020, 17:51

madlad. absolute pog

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Post Re: My Journey - Nick (122)
on: April 28, 2020, 18:37

We could've done so much, sorry it turned out like this. Much love


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Post Re: My Journey - Nick (122)
on: April 29, 2020, 03:20

Oh the memories. Glad you enjoyed the server, hope you can stay out of trouble !


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