Pwing – New Dungeon and 1.13 Update Progress

It’s been quite some time since a big announcement has been made here and I know many of you guys are anxious for new content, so I think now is the time to let you know what all is to come in the next month.

We’ve been hard at work on creating a new dungeon with many new bosses and lots of exciting new loot. It’s been a long process, but we’re getting really close to having it completed. On top of that, a 1.13 update is right around the corner. I’ve personally updated MagicSpells myself to support Minecraft 1.13 to allow us to update.

Now for the good stuff, we’re planning on having Pwing fully updated to Minecraft 1.13 and the new dungeon released by Saturday, February 9th at 12:00pm EST.

Now for the bad part, we will be closing Pwing on Friday, February 1st to allow for us to fully update to 1.13 and finish up the new dungeon. Minecraft 1.13 brings a lot of big changes not only to the game, but internally. It’s probably one of the largest updates Minecraft has ever had when it comes to the internal side of things. With this being said, there will probably be some noticeable bugs within the first week or two of this update. And for those of you who want to obtain all the new goodies 1.13 has to offer, we will be resetting the mining world.

This is only the first part of what is to come in this big update. As we get closer to the release, more will be announced on the matter. Hope you guys are excited!

Pwing Dungeon Server – New Spawn!!

Yes it is official, there is now a new spawn for Pwing! It is has been quite some time since a new spawn was built for Pwing, I’d say at least 2015 or earlier is when the spawn was last updated. We’ve gone through many and cycled through them, but now the time has come to make a new one.

The new spawn has a different more-updated building style than the previous few and has everything in it you’ll need in it. This spawn has come a long way since the start of it and in the end it turned out much better than I even expected it to! Here is a little teaser for anyone interested:

It’s come a long way and I cannot thank the Build Team enough for this amazing build. You guys have really outdone yourself, seriously.


On another note, the Halloween Event is opening on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. This year’s event will feature some new bosses as well as a new Halloween Wand. More will be announced in the future.

Over the past month or so we’ve been hard at work on a new dungeon as well as fixing many bugs and updating content. We have some cool updates planned towards the end of this year, check back here regularly for the latest information or join our Discord at if you haven’t already!

Pwing – Accessories, Solaris and Bedrock Edition

Today I am happy to announce the return of the Equipment Book. For the past year or so the plugin managing that has been totally bonkers, and the worst part, accessories didn’t even work. But today that’s changed. I have created a new plugin which brings this feature back along with Accessories working again.

The system is a bit different now, no longer is the book locked in your 9th slot, instead it’s obtainable with /equipment and you can move it as you please.


But beside the equipment book, there are also some new changes and additions. Solaris has been released, this is a boss you can fight by obtaining an Angel’s Heavenly Harp from any of the harder bosses in each dungeon. Speak to the Sun Oracle in Asmodae City to be warped to his chamber. Once you defeat him, you are able to upgrade your shard weapons to a better tier. Solaris is still in beta, you may experience bugs. Please report any here on the forums or in the #bug-reports section of our Discord.


Set Bonuses have been fixed finally. Not only that but the duplicate lore glitch is gone as well. Old armor with duplicate lores should also be patched as well. The plugin will automatically remove them.


The list just keeps going, I’m also happy to announce that you can now join Pwing on your phone! Yes I said that, your phone. All you need is a PC Edition account and Minecraft Bedrock Edition installed on your phone.

The next step, add new server and make the IP “”. The port must be 19132 (which it is set to by default) and then you just join. You will be prompted for your Minecraft PC username and password, but after that you’re good to go! This feature is very experimental so be careful.


On top of that a few other things have happened. /warp donate has been redesigned. It should be much easier to go through now. This also contains all the information you need about voting and what the ranks have to offer. The Lunar Faire has been closed for updating. We’re hard at work on this one and hope to make the experience here much more enjoyable.

Server IP:

Discord : Talk to us !

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