Artifacts and Bosses


  • PvP only wands that allow you to cast certain spells with the proper knowledge / rank !
  • Can only be found in dungeons from Bosses past the /warp destiny portals!
  • Each boss has a small chance to drop a random artifact.


  • Each boss has a small chance to drop a random armor/weapon piece. (5-10%)
  • Each boss has a chance to drop a wand for casting spells in the non-pvp worlds (Druidic Healing Branch, Merlin’s Wizard Scepter, Necro’s Funeral Pyre)
  • Bosses have special abilites and are immune to ALL fire spells
  • Bosses drop random books, items, artifacts and dragon eggs past /warp destiny.
  • Most bosses spawn every 20-40 minutes. The final boss of some dungeons can only spawn every 2-3 hours.
  • Currently, there are 4 sets dropped from bosses past /warp destiny : Divine, Chaos, Crusaders, Kings. (all are extremely rare!)
  • Crusader set drops from Skeleton King and Queen.
  • Kings set drops from Justicar and Knight Gannicus.
  • God Axes,swords and bows drop from Justicar,Skeleton King and BrewMaster. (extremely rare bosses and tough! 10% chance)


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