Dragon Shouts:

Learned from bookshelves in the Dungeon World. (right click the bookshelf)


Merlin Saga: 6 Word Walls (Bookshelves)

Asmodae Adventure: 10 Word Walls

Viking Journey: 9 Word Walls

God of War: 1 World Wall

You can find hints on where each shout is below.


/shout list

/shout word1 word2 word3

/cast bind word1-word2-word3

Soon, /cast unbind should work . (being fixed)

Bindable Items:

  • Unnamed Stick
  • Unnamed Blaze Rod
  • Unnamed Bone
  • Unnamed Ghast Tear
  • Unnamed Feather

What they are:

wordElemental Fury(Su Grah Dun):  Gives momentary haste and strength buff.


  1. Dwarf ruins – a room? (Merlin Saga)
  2. World Tree (Asm0dae Adventure)
  3. Forge in Yarlside (Asmodae Adventure)

wordUnrelenting Force(Fus Ro Dah): Throws enemies back.


  1. Justicar Castle (Merlin Saga)
  2. Anubis Underworld Dungeon (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. Loki’s Dungeon (Viking Journey)

wordWhirlwind Spirit(Wuld Nah Kest): Gives you momentary burst of speed.


  1. A waterfall near a camp. (Asmodae Adventure)
  2. Wrecked boat in mushroom valley (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. A cave that leads to a treasure island (Viking Journey)

wordCyclone(Ven Gar Nos): Creates Cyclone at enemy.


  1. Fall in the right place. Millies Mansion. (Merlin Saga)
  2. A dark cave with Harpies. Mushroom Valley. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. Swim to the skies. (Viking Journey)

wordFire Breath(Yol Toor Shul): Burns enemies.


  1. Pwings Tutorial =) /warp tutorial
  2. Dragon Cave. (Viking Journey)
  3. Pandora’s Dungeon. (God of War)

wordSoul Tear(Rii Vaaz Zol): Damages enemies.


  1. Magus City Sewers (Merlin Saga)
  2. Underworld, the opposite path. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. An old graveyard (Viking Journey)

wordAura Whisper(Laas Ya Nir): Shows living players nearby.


  1. An offcourse path in slimeballs dungeon. (Merlin Saga)
  2. Path to jagged rocks. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. Bleak Valley – read the signs! (Viking Journey)

wordClear Skies(Lok Vah Koor): Removes storms, rainy weather.
Being remade


  1. Behind the cobwebs, evil spiders protect. (Asmodae Adventure)
  2. Forsaken Valley. The path towards haventown. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. A strange boat on the way to Vine Valley. (Viking Journey)

wordDrain Vitality(Gaan Lah Haas): Damages enemies.
Being remade


  1. You must burn in Skeleton Queens Dungeon. (Merlin Saga)
  2. A home near the Tavern. (Asmodae Adventure)
  3. Jotnar Giants like to hide things in vines. (Viking Journey)





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