Asmodian World


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  •  Asmodian Continent

  •                              To go 10 years into the future, go to : /warp newworld
  •     ** Special Note ** This starts off very newbie friendly ! New and old players can start here if they get bored of the Merlin Saga.
  • Your journey starts off at a small camp you made.  You remember the horrific battles you faced in the past, and it haunts you in your dreams.  You must somehow explore the lands of  Asmodian, where you hear that even the most troubled souls can be cured.


Latest Notes :

At the Newworld (/warp newworld) I have increased the drop rate on a lot of monsters and bosses.

I have also added melons and pumpkins, right click on them to get food , and a rare chance at potions/god apples.


Mushroom Valleymap



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