Spell Wands for Dungeons/Main World

Spell wands for the Dungeon World:


DruidhealDruidic Healing Branch: (starter kit /kit)

  • Drainlife: A spell that causes damage and heals you.
  • Prayer: Self Heal.
  • Healing Kiss: Heals others. (Requires samurai voting rank or higher)

BonewandNecromancers Funeral Pyre: (Found in dungeons- Boss drop)

  • Kiss of death: A spell that causes damage and heals you.
  • Freeze: Spray snowballs at enemies to slow and damage them. (Requires ninja rank)
  • Blink: Teleports. (Only works in main world or pvp with the artifact)
  • Skullcrusher (Donation saint rank + only)
  • Taste the Rainbow (Donation saint rank + only)

MerlinswizardMerlins Wizard Sceptor: (Found in dungeons – Boss drop)

  • Fireball: Throws a fireball explosion.
  • Firenova: Circle of flame. (Requires wizard rank)
  • Lightning: Cast lightning. (Requires mage rank)

epicstaffSpringrain Staff: (Boss Drop Found in rare Wands Chest)

  • Flood spell: Damages enemies inside the water for a period of time.

DruidhealAsmodaes Embrace: (Boss Drop Found in rare Wands Chest)

  • Clarity: High mana regen spell.
  • Kindlespirit: Chain spell that sucks spirts out of your enemy.

epicstaffBiting Wind Cane: (Boss Drop Found in rare Wands Chest)

  • Hurricane: Summons a water typhoon to damage your opponents that stand inside.

epicstaffSoulkeeper of the Void: (Boss Drop Found in rare Wands Chest)

  • Soulkeeper: creates a purple shadow to target your opponents.

epicstaffValhalla’s Majestic Geyser Staff: (Boss Drop Found in rare Wands Chest)

  • Geyser: Pushes enemies in the air with hot lava.

spidereyeSquishy Eyeball Offhand: (Found in dungeons – Boss drop)

  • Farm: Grows wheat instantly.
  • Gills: Allows underwater breathing.
  • Cleanse: Cleanses you of poison and fire.
  • Lilywalk: Walk over water on lillies!
  • Combust: Burns your target. Great for cooking cows and pigs.
  • Food: Allows you to eat a mana biscuit. (Costs emeralds in Asmodae City /port trade)

featherFeather (used for Mage rank +)

  • Mark : Allows you to mark a location for later teleport.
  • Recall: Recalls back to the marked location.

SunArtifact of the Sun (Random Boss Drop)

  • Can change it back into daytime at night. Has a cooldown.

wandWorld Tree Branch (Found in Werewolf Dungeon/rarely in other dungeons)

  • Firechain. Hits multiple targets.

Bonewand   MinerShack (Random Boss Drop)

  • Creates a mining shack in the mine world (/warp mine)

epicstaffCurse of the Cosmic Flame:

  • Cosmicflame: Breathe out purple flames like a dragon.

epicstaffInfernos Cataclysm Staff:

  • Blazing Inferno: Send flame balls at enemies.

Shard Staves: Found in Asmodae’s Weapon Hall (/warp enchant)

epicstaffEpic Staff (Shard Staff): Cost: 5 Shards

  • DemonicCircle – Circle of death.
  • Clarity – Ultra mana regeneration.
  • Moonwell – Heal your friends inside the moonwell.
  • Fireball – Cast a fireball.
  • Prayer – Heal yourself (Pve Only)

mysticalstaffMystical Staff(Shard Staff): Cost: 25 Shards

  • Crystal Spike – Send crystals towards your opponent
  • Clarity – Ultra mana regeneration.
  • Moonwell – Heal your friends inside the moonwell.
  • Fireball – Cast a fireball.
  • Prayer – Heal yourself (Pve Only)

legstafficonLegendary Ruby Thorn Staff(Shard Staff): Cost: 40 Shards

  • Lavaburst – Burns your enemies with lava fire from the ground over 20 seconds.
  • DragonBreath – Belch out flames.
  • Phoenix – Bring forth the ultimate fire pain. Must have a target to cast, wait for the charge-up then destroy!
  • Clarity — Ultra Mana regeneration
  • Moonwell – Heal your friends inside the moonwell.

Passive Bought Spells:(/port vote)

VenombladeVenomblade (PASSIVE)

  • Has a 5% chance to deal poison damage on weapon attack that lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Cost: 200 Emeralds . 400 More Emeralds for upgrade to 10% Chance.

SpellreflectSpellreflect (PASSIVE)

  • Has a 5% to reflect the spell damage to the caster (enemy) dealing damage.
  • Cost : 100 Dragon eggs. 200 More Dragon Eggs for upgrade to 10% Chance.

 Holiday Only Wands:

epicstaffShamrock Staff: (St. Patricks Day)

  • Lucky Charms: Sprays green snowballs that slow enemies.

epicstaffTidal Staff: (Easter)

  • Bubble Bomb: Throw Water balls at enemy.
  • Clarity: Regenerate your mana at higher rates!

MerlinswizardEaster’s Revenge: (Easter)

  • Easteregg: Throw colorful eggs at everything !

boneWitches Ladel Artifact: (Halloween)

  • Spookspell: Aoe firework spell.
  • Clarity

boneHead Hunters Ancient Staff (Halloween)

  • HeadHunters Curse: Aoe Flame Swirl Spell

featherPlucked Turkey Wand: (Thanksgiving)

  • Turkeybreath: Burp out hot breath
  • Clarity: Mana regeneration

boneYeti’s Frozen Femur of the Blizzard: (Christmas)

  • Blizzard: Freeze enemies in snow

mysticalstaffStaff of Frozen Tears: (Christmas)

  • Frost breath: Breath out chilling winds at enemies.

MerlinswizardCandy Cane: (Christmas)

  • cookie: feed yourself cookies
  • cookiebomb: Throw cookies at enemies !

ArtifactBookLament of Frozen Sorrows: (Christmas)

  • Snowfall: Cast cold snow on enemies.


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