PvP Spells and Artifacts

PvP spells require artifacts which are obtained in dungeons from medium to tough bosses, or by donating for them.  Every boss past /warp destiny in the merlin quest line can drop one.

More information about artifacts and bosses can be found in our Quest Guide!


epicstaffArtifact of the Luminescent:

  • DemonicCirclePvP – Circle of death.

mysticalstaffArtifact of the Void Twig:

  • Crystal Spikepvp – Send crystals towards your opponent

epicstaffArtifact of Lavaburst:

  • Creates a lavaburst to slay enemies.

ArtifactBookArtifact of Life:

  • Heal spell – requires Samurai Monk Rank.

BonewandArtifact of Death

  • Kiss of Death.
  • currently is glitched and removes extra hearts from armor when draining life

BonewandArtifact of Destruction

  • Skullcrusher – Requires Saint + ($50) Ranks.

BonewandArtifact of Frost:

  • Freeze – Requires Ninja Rank

ArtifactBookArtifact of Blink

  • Blink – Requires Ninja rank

BonewandArtifact of Fire:

  • Fireball – Shoots ball of flame.

ArtifactBook Artifact of Drain:

  • drainlifepvp – obtained at House of Pendragon (/warp pen)
  • currently is glitched and removes extra hearts from armor when draining life

BonewandArtifact of Entomb:

  • Encases enemies in a barrier of ice. 20 second cooldown. Obtained from Asmodae City.(/port trade)

MerlinswizardArtifact of Stun:

  • Stuns target in pvp for 3 seconds.  40 second cooldown.
  • Cost: 150 Dragon eggs. (/warp asmo or Glacia’s Lair to buy spell). Requires Artifact of Stun, only dropped by bosses Glacia and afterwards)

epicstaffArtifact of SpringRain:

  • Flood spell: Damages enemies inside the water for a period of time.

epicstaffArtifact of the Biting Wind :

  • Hurricane: Summons a water typhoon to damage your opponents that stand inside.

epicstaffArtifact of the Soulkeeper:

  • Soulkeeper: creates a purple shadow to target your opponents.

epicstaffArtifact of Valhalla’s Majestic Geyser:

  • Geyser: Pushes enemies in the air with hot lava.

MerlinswizardArtifact of Reflect:

  • Reflect: Reflects spells back to the caster. 3 second cooldown. 2 uses. PvP Only.










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