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Port scrolls allows you to set a portal to a location and let others port to it. You can also make a scroll and give it to a player! when the player left clicks with the scroll he will port there.

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To see a list of all public portals type:

/ps list


How to set a portal.

  • /setport NAME
  • /setport NAME pass PASSWORD
  • /setport NAME public true/false

The basic way to set a portal location is stand where you want it and type /setport NAME

NAME will be the name you want to give your portal

If you don’t add any optional commands it will have no password and be public.

  • OPTIONAL: You can set a password and or public.  A password allows you to add a password so only people you want to use the portal can.  Public allows the portal to be shown on the /ps list
  • You can set both password and public at the same time ex: /setport acoolname pass somepass public falseTo reset your portal back to default stand where you want it and type /setport NAME pass none public true


How to use portals:

  • /port NAME

NAME is the name of the portal you wish to port to.

PASSWORD is optional if the portal has a password you need to type it in the command.


How to delete/rename a portal

To rename a portal you must delete the old one

  • /ps delport NAME 


To make a scroll to give out to players type:

  • /ps makescroll NAME LORE

NAME is the name of your portal. You can only make scrolls for your own portals.

LORE can be a short sentence that will show up as lore on the scroll

A scroll cost 5 rubles to make. and will show up in your inventory after typing the command.

Server IP: pwing.net

Discord : Talk to us !

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