Set Bonus Information

Set Bonus Information:

It is said there is great power in obtaining a full set of magical items!

Once you obtain enough items for the bonus, it will be placed on one of your set items and you will get the bonus for the set!



Merlin Saga Sets:

Kings Set: +2 Speed
Wolf Set: +1 Leap
Divine Set: +1 Leap
Crusaders Set: +1 Speed

Asmodae Sets:

Bandit Set: +3 Leap
Troll Set: +1 Speed
Earth Set: +3 Dig Speed
Ascalon Set: +3 Fire Resistance
Werewolf Set: +1 Strength
Destruction Set: +1 Strength
Nightmare Set: +2 Night Vision
Venom Set: +2 Leap
Dragon Set: +1 Strength
Withered Soul Set: +1 Strength

Viking Sets:

Draugr Set: +1 Leap
GateKeeper Dreaded Set: +1 Speed

God of War Sets:

Pandora Set: +2 Absorption
Cerberus Set: +1 Strength
Delphi Set: +1 Speed

Legendary Chest Sets:

Jewel Encrusted Set (Accessories): +1 Speed

Donation Sets:

Duke Set: +1 Leap
Lord Set: +1 Absorption
Saint Set: +1 Leap
Overlord Set: +1 Leap
Warlord Set: +1 Speed

Donator Legend Rank Dungeon+:

Dwellers Set: +1 Absorption

Voting Sets:

Voter Elite Set: +1 Night Vision
Hellish Set: +2 Invisibility
Fallen Knight Set: +1 Strength
Voters Lil Monster Set: +3 Leap
Irish Set: +1 Speed
Sun Forged Set: +1 Strength
Oblivion Set: +1 Absorption

PvP Sets: (pvp loot chest)

Warrior Set: +1 Speed
Knight Set: +1 Strength
Emperor Set: +1 Strength


Special Event Sets:

Dragon Event:

Dragons Breath Set: +4 Leap

King of the Ring:

King of the Ring Set: +1 Strength

Special Holiday Sets:

Halloween Spooktown Sets: (Only during halloween!)

Halloween Set: +1 Night Vision
2015 Halloween Cheer Set: +1 Leap
Trolled Set: +1 Nausea
Ghost Set : +Invisbility
Herobrine Set: +1 Strength
Cursed Charm Set (Accessories): +2 Absorption
Trolled Set: +1 Nausea
Ghost Set : +Invisbility
Herobrine Set: +1 Strength

Thanksgiving Sets:

Thanksgiving Set: +3 Leap
Happy Thanksgiving Day!: +1 Strength

Christmas Sets: (Only during Xmas!)

Snow Set: +1 Speed
Cookie Set: +3 Saturation
Blizzard Set: +1 Absorption
Grinch Set: +1 Night Vision
Scrooge Set: +2 Night Vision
Krampus Set: +1 Strength
Santa Set: +4 Leap
Christmas Set: +2 Absorption
Dragonfrost Set: +1 Strength

St. Patricks Day Sets:

Shamrock Set: +3 Leap

Easter Set:

Bunny Set: +3 Leap

 More Set Bonuses (Viking + God of War Dungeons)
will be coming soon!

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